Robert Spiegel

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS No. 198315

Office: 713.961.5363
Fax: 713.893.4962

This Is Who I Am:

I LOVE real estate and helping people! I am a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer based in Houston that has built a nearly 100% referral-based Mortgage business in Texas. Over the last 10+ years I have created an environment that makes my clients confident in referring my services to their friends and loved ones.

I specialize in creating financing strategies for residential properties in Texas. Do you have a deal you want me to take a look at and give you my opinion? Feel free to email or call!

This Is Who I Help:

I help real estate buyers/owners in Texas. I specialize in Mortgage Planning and Advisory, meaning that I will teach you how to make smart investment decisions when purchasing & owning real estate. My services consistently deliver wealth building results for you so that they you can build equity, eliminate debt, and retire faster. I will show you how to make your home more than just another monthly payment.

My Personal History and Experience:

I was the first Loan Officer in Texas to obtain the designation of "Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist" and I am constantly ranked highest in customer satisfaction, which is why a majority of my business is repeat clientele.

In addition to my experience in the Mortgage Industry as both Branch Manager and Loan Officer, I have experience in different aspects of the Real Estate world, including commercial real estate site development, construction, commercial sales/leasing, and property management. Throughout the last two decades, I have been an active real estate investor, consultant, flipped a number of homes, and currently run the Marfa|6o8 Guest House in Marfa, Texas.

Basically, I LOVE to play the game of Monopoly in real life.


Purchase Strategies,
Refinance Strategies,
Construction/Renovation Lending,
Retire faster using Real Estate,
Investment Strategies for Real Estate,

And I just give really good advice!


Houston, TX

2121 Sage Road

Suite 140

Houston, TX, 77056

713.579.7800 Phone

713.783.5391 Fax

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